Immune is the marching band to either the apocalypse or redemption – take your pick. To them it might be the same thing. But whether heaven or hell is their destination of choice, they’ll make the trip with churning choruses, anger and wit, a split screen of empathy and defiance. And did I say we could all merrily sing along?

“If I can’t be someone of consequence
I’d rather die than have to crawl” (“I’d Rather Die”)

Immune was crystallized in Providence, Rhode Island by Rob Shulze (Lead Vocals/Guitar), who migrated to that undiscovered metropolis from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts after escaping a childhood in Long Beach, California so soaked with trauma that any description would sound like an overwrought Lifetime TV mini-series. A musical scream in the confines of New England would be lost in the din of a passing Amtrak train, so Los Angeles seemed a better setting for broken dreams to trump no dreams at all.

“I come alive when I notice the difference it makes
Because I’m putting you back in your place” (“In Your Place”)

A changing of the guard was in order and new conscripts Johnny Skaare (Drums) from Seattle, Washington, Drew Worsley (Bass/Vocals) from Charlottesville, Virginia and Diego Chies (Lead Guitar/Vocals) from Carlos Barbosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil found Southern California refuge under the flag of Immune.

“I will scream until I’m out of air
I lose my sanity the longer I’m here” (“Scream All I Want”)

Immune’s infectious musical mixture of larceny and lace ultimately reached receptive ears through multiple placements in video games, feature films and on a wide spectrum of TV shows while the band played as many live shows as Los Angeles and the surrounding zip codes could accommodate. An overflowing file cabinet of rave reviews followed suit. More than 20,000 EPs wound up in the possession of a devout fan base.

“When you ache like this does it make you wish
My silent choir would sing to you?” (“My Silent Choir”)

In 2008, a 3-song EP recorded with the legendary platinum-encased Sylvia Massy (Tool, System Of A Down) brought their sound and passion to exponentially more listeners across the globe, resulting in ten placements in five episodes of Season 4 of MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, featured artist status and an exclusive artist profile at mtv.com and performances at Mayhem Festival and Ozzfest. Now, producer Seth von Paulus has taken the band to previously unrealized sonic heights with a new record which is already receiving commercial radio airplay, provided the soundtrack for Beachbody/P90X events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and led to their selection as one of forty artists chosen to be featured as part of the relaunch of MySpace Music. Bet against it, if you dare.

“Cure me of the human in my condition
Leave me with the animals” (“The Human Condition”)

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